/Sozo Boa Micro Adjustable Wrist

Sozo Boa Micro Adjustable Wrist


Color: Black
Size: Small/Medium



About this item

  • What is BOA fit ? – The Boa-system makes it possible to adjust individually. No more strap or velcro. Simply rotating BOA dial is to provide you the perfect fit and restrictive support without any inconveniance from your usual wrist braces. without any inconveniance of putting on & off the Velcro
  • Fast and easy adjustable-fit with one hand – After putting the Sozo wristbrace on, you can just use the other hand to apply more pressure or loosen it so effortlessly and quickly in any situation. The hand brace is ideal for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendonitis or for those that need support and post-cast wrists
  • Adjustment for Subtle change in pressure – The Sozo wristbrace has one of its strongest assets in using BOA fit features. By using Boa Fit dial, it allows for sensitive micro-adjustments that is perfectly good for you.
  • Long Lasting Strength – Instead of ending up losing its adhesive strength by using Velcro on a constant basis, the Sozo wristbrace is capable of providing unflappable and long lasting support without losing restriction. Especially, reel-connected area is made up of leather and it certainly brings a great durability for a long period of time.
  • Quality Approved – Many elite athletes in different kind of sports around the world have been testing BOA fit performances in a lot of severe circumstance such as dessert, snowy field and swamp to prove and develop its optimal technique and quality.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 12 × 48 cm


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